Monday, February 9, 2009

My blog earnings

All in all I must have made more than $500 as blog earnings, that's a lot considering I only started paid blogging last November. At first I used my blog earning for online shopping, but I realized I don't want to use it all up for shopping. So I didn't touch my paypal account so that I will just keep it as savings, but since the dollar is going down, its better to withdraw the money now and deposit it in my savings account. That way I'll be protected with the loss of dollar-peso exchange rate. I applied for my Unionbank Eon last December and got it a few weeks ago. I also used it to verify my paypal account. Now, that it is verified can sombody help me how to withraw the paypal money to my unionbank account? Please.. thanks in advance.

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Chris said...

hi! i want to share this site i found.

hope it helps.

let me know how it goes. im also going to link up an EON account soon to my PayPal account. :)