Saturday, February 14, 2009

Paypal HELP!!!!

First, I am happy that I recieved a bonus from Paypal, I don't know why. Maybe it is some sort of interest. This is something I've neer known about paypal. I am so happy recieving it, although its a small amount it is still something that I didn't expect. Do any of you bloggers, recieve a bonus from Paypal?

The second thing about paypal is not a good thing, at least for the moment until I can find a way to resort things out. You see, I wanted to purchase some art supplies for little J from Discount School Supplies, the problem is that when I tried to check out they wont accept my payment from paypal, because accourding to the website my paypal account (which is registeres in the Philippines) is not elligible for the shipping address in the US. Meaning I can't use it to pay for the items. So I registered another paypal, using a US address. Then I sent the $35 to that new US address paypal, because I thought I can use it to pay for the purchase. I am so wrong. I need to very a bank account to use it, meaning I can't use it to pay for the items nor can I use it to send the money bank to my Philippine paypal account. Now my $35 is stuck in that paypal, I cant send out any money until, I verify it with a US bank account.

Please help!!!!!!Please help!!! Any ideas on how can I retract the money that I transfered? Or how can I verify the US paypal using another credit card? Please help!!! or how can I pay for the items.. Please help!

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Jes said...

oi sayang yun ah!!! panu kyaa yun? i hve no idea..pero sana me makatulong sayu =)