Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Straight A's Again!!!!

Yesterday, I panicked because I didn't know that I was to pick up little J's report card last Saturday. Teacher Liza called me in the office and reminded me about it. She said little J has a lower grade this time because she always fail to do her homework. I felt so guilty, I know I am to blame, because I am always too tired to check if she does have an assignment. I don't sit with her and review for quizzes either. I am such a lousy mom in this sense. I think I focus more on how to provide for her, since Im a single mom. Earning enough is my top priority. That's why I have too much work to do. As an architect I am working on 2 Projects right now, A nail spa and a Bus/Heavy Equipment showroom, and this is still different from my work in the office. Then there is sweetytots-booksale, and internet shop/marketing is not enough for me I joined in a bazzar. Since my mom is in the US I also manage the house too, budget, bills, groceries. Then I still do paid blogging. So I am an Architect, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a housekeeper, a mom/a dad, all at the same time. I am guilty for taking the role of a "dad" too much, being the sole provider for my daughter, that I usually tends to forget on how to be a mom. I shower her with gifts, with toys but fail to spend quality time with her. We'll even though I have all this failures I am so happy and proud that she still got

Straight A's

as grade. She's smart and doesn't need much help on studying. You might be wondering why the teacher told me she got lower grades, she got A- in Writing it used to be A. But She got higher grades in 4 of her other subjects A is now an A+ for her Self Learning Activities, Reading, Math & Science. She maintained A+ for her Language and Values.

Here is the complete list:
Reading = A its now A+
Writing = A now A-
Math = A now A+
Science = A now A+
Language= A+ now A+
Values = A+ now A+
Computer= A now A
Learning= A now A+

Narrative Report:
Independent. Jea is an independedt girl. She can do things with little supervision and now participates on every activity inside the classroom.


Jes said...

buti k p dami opps....san galing? heehhe =)

Chris said...

congratulations JP!

you have a very bright girl.. and also for being able to juggle all your roles :)

just remember to take a break also... :)