Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Have you heard of a celebrity scoop that has a blind item that says a Singer/Actress has deformed lips because of a collagen injection? The said actress never admitted to it. In the news scoop, it is also noted that it might be so because of her age. she should have admitted in long ago, specially now that surgeries are very much accepted. She should have done the same as Ruffa Gutierrez who admitted into doing a collagen injection for her lips, good thing it looks great on Ruffa, maybe because of her age. If I do have the money for it I would go and get a restylane injections for myself. Every woman should feel beautiful, and we all deserve that.

I bet she also did some laser hair removal to zap all the unisghtly hair. Well it is something that all woman should do, but sadly not all have the luxury of having it done with laser. The majority of us can ssetle with shaving, I myself never shaved my legs, maybe because I am lucky enough to have very few and short leg hairs. My legs are long and has a good shape that very few notice hairs. If I do have extra money I would still got through laser hair removal, its just the better way for it.
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Clue: the Actress/ singer is having a Valentine concert with her ex husband in the next few days. The concert is produced by her now much younger lover.

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