Saturday, February 21, 2009

Web Hosting

I am not so familiar with web hosting and other internet stuff. To be honest all I know is to blog, I don't even know how to use multiply and facebook. I have to read a lot of hosting faq to understand a little about it. But, even if I read a lot of faq I still can't understand a lot of it. I would like to change my domain, and increase my traffic but I am clueless about this stuff. I hope somebody can help me to learn more about web hosting choice.


Jes said...

wow you grabbed it! hehehe =)

Azumi's Mum said...

maybe i can help..

if you wanna buy domain for your current blog, since it is a blogger, i advise you to buy from blogger also para di na hirap sa FTP, automatic na.. you can directly buy it from your settings, then publishing.. you must have a credit card =)

if you wanna change your blog format into Wordpress, let me know. I know where you can buy a domain and a real cheap hosting =)