Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Married Chat

I don't know if I'm ever gonna get married, but I am still hoping to find the right guy to love. Not quite sure what are the qualities I am looking for, but I know if God wants him to come he will. Now there area lot of ways of meeting someone, just like in this Married Chat. I wonder if people who join that chat area actually married, if they are then that wouldn't be nice. It is an interesting site, with lots of people to meet. I am thinking if they are also looking for somebody who will make them happy, somebody to love and love them back. Somebody who will truly care. Who will understand, trust and believe in you. I would also like to find somebody who will respect and love me, and somebody who is God fearing and thinks more of others than himself. This quality is really important to me, because that is my criterion on what a future step-father for my daughter. He should have an over flowing love for others rather than himself. This quality is very hard to find because I believe that most guys have a huge ego, and pride is very important to them. This might be a problem of jealousy and attention, he should understand that my daughter is the top priority in my life and he, who ever he will be, will just be next to my daughter.

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