Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anime Chat

Eventhough I am so busy this days, I still find time to log in and check some chat rooms. I became fond of Anime Chat I like meeting a lot of people and I can do that in chat rooms. I consider myself as an artist being an architect and all. I think, artist are very interesting people, that is why I like talking to them. They have so many things to talk about and a lot of interesting art works too. Anime is a type of cartoon, type or animation that tells a story.

I am not to fond of watching cartoons, but I happen to like Anime. I believe there is a lot of talent being poured in to this stuff. I like how they make it look so real and yet is still a cartoon. There is more depth in the characters, more meaning more sense, nut just cute fun stuff. It is like a telenovela only drawn. I particularly like their style of drawing, the spiky hair and cute outfits. Even the story plot is more realistic than cartoons, it has a lot of followers that are not just kids. I believe that the people who watch this shows are more of the adults than kids. There are lot of teenagers hooked into it, they are either hooked in the story, the character or just he animation, but I believe it is mostly all of the above.

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