Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chat and booksale

I am trying to market my sweetytots-booksale, tomorrow I will be going to a bazzar wher I wil try my best to sell all those books. I am aslo visitng as much blogs as I can to market the books. Now, I also frequent chatting rooms such as Free Tattoo Chat to meet lots of people, I might be able to sell some for them too. I am not a fan of tatoos, because I think it really hurts to get one. I can try the non-hurting tatoos like hena. I tried that once, back in high school and my father scolded me for it.

No matter how I try to hide it unfer my chunky watch he still saw it. It lasted for three days and 3 days is enough to torture me, by hearing non stop I should not do this ever again. It is funny to remember it now, but I was really scared back then. I would not let my daughter get a real tatoo, but I find glitter tatoo cute. I also like face painting, she got 2 last haloween on different events. She like it too and she chose a really cute design for her face. She was very beahve when the artist is painting it on her face, she got so excited when she saw herself in the mirror. She just can't wait to show it off to her cousins.

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