Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend J & J Adventure - Valentines 09

Last weekend we went to Dusit Hotel again, we stayed there for the night. I left early from the office to fetch little J and Nang-nang Pau. Its a girls day, no boys allowed. Haha... So after, I borrowed Nong-nong's car and went to pick up little and Nang-nang from the condo. We went to Manila Post Office, to pick up the Baby Alive doll that I purchased from ebay. I bought it for just $2, paid for $17 for shipment so all in all it is still quite a steal. I am not suppose to give it to her at once, because of the "no new toys policy" but I can't help it. She need to have it now, it would be a pity if she get to pick it up but not open the box right? So she was so anxious going to the Post Office, I paid Php35 for postage something. Don't know exactly why, but I paid anyway. The customs opened the package first for inspection so the packagin is alreayd ripped off, little J easily took out the doll when we got it in the car. She loved it! I am now as impressed as her, and I am glad that I paid only $2 for it, it drinks, blinks and pee, but nothing extra ordanary about it. I like the Tracy doll the "Santa" gave her last Christmas, it only cost me about Php800 and its far more nicer than the Baby Alive Doll. It drinks milk, and you can actually see the move move. Talks a lot too. She says "I love you Mommy!", "I love you daddy", "I'm thirsty" among others. She also snores and can be tickled. For me Baby Alive is not worth it if you buy it on its rratil price of $45, some even more. I was just lucky enough to buy it at $2. But, this is my opinion, little J love both dolls and named them Daisy and Minnie.

We went off to Makati again to pick up Mama for hotel check in. She didn't went with just, she just gave us some doughnuts for snack and gave instructions for check in, then we went straight to Dusit. Little J love the hotel, she feels so at home. She is so used to staying in hotel that she already knows the routine. We played in the room with her new doll, watched cartoons and left again by 5pm to go to my office and pick up my salary. So off to Rockwell we went. Little J fell asleep in the car, and we picked up Nong-nong too. We were suppose to eat at Som's for dinner but we had change of plans when Mama called and ask us to join them at Ol Spaghetti house. Nong-nong and me got into an argument so he just dropped us there and we took a cab going back to the office.

The next morning, we had a wonderful breakfast again. Little J doesn't eat early breakfast do we had a hard time making her eat. I just took 2 doughnuts for take out so she can eat it for later. I wanted to eat some more but Mama and Nang-nang left already, they went upstairs to change because Nong will pick up Nang-nang. They have a wedding to attend to. So we had no choice but to follow them upstairs. Little J had fun with the bath tub, I poured a lot of bubble bath. Then we went to Park Square, to but some few things. We then went back to the hotel to check-out. We left our things in the concierge because we will still go to SM. Little J has been bugging us the day before, for us to go to SM, we can see it right outside the hotel window. First, stop is ice cone. We got strawberry and grapes this time. I liked the bubble gum falvor better. Then, we went to Mcdo, little J is hungry already. We ordered nuggets, rice, large fries. Little J prctically ate everything. Then we went to the Departments stores and window shopped, then Timezone. I allowed little J for 5 rides, she was so happy about it. She was running trhough the mall when she hit a signage by the wall and got her arms wounded, good thing I always have a first aid kit with me. So it wasnt a problem, she stopped crying as soon as I put on the band aid. We then went back to the hotel to get the baggage.

2nd part to be continued.. I'll post some pics too... hopefully soon.

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