Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new Project

I have a meeting today with Sir Marvin, we are going to talk about the Design of their new Spa. I was the one who design and constructed their first Spa, now they already have 3. We are going to start the the design for their 3rd Spa and I am so excited about it. Looks like I am back to more projects, my career is really getting a head start again with all this projects coming in. In the first project I redeveloped the kitchen sinks into a more sophisticated counter spa sink, for a very minimal cost. I installed an antique wood slab that I bought from the thrift shops, stained it and varnished then had it sealed. I later on installed a new modern sink on top of it. It gave sophisticated look at a very minimal cost. That was one of the challenges in that previous project. I wonder what will be the challenge for this new one. I am so excited for it. Wish me luck bloggers! I have a lot more to tell all of you, I'll be back later to post it. It's about the interview yesterday and how my career might shift to a better one. I am such a lucky gal. I am very blessed

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