Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New York Times Tips

I have mentioned in my previous post that New York Times wrote an article on tips on how to save, particularly on eyeglasses. We need tips such as this during this time of recession. I am scared and worried on how our economy will be in a few months, as of this moment more and more Filipinos are loosing their job, more and more families are in the edge of losing hope on how to survive. I watched last nights documentary on "Correspondents" about people who have mental illness. Somehow, it made me realize that more and more people are losing their mind because of depression caused by our economic situation. Mental illness can be hereditary, but other caused of this maybe depression, poor health. Imagine, more and more people are becoming poor, more and more has poor health because of hunger, and this will all cause them to feel depression. No wonder why we are seeing more and more "crazy" people on the streets.

Zenni optical has a wide range of beautiful and affordable frames, such as this one. This frame is one of my favorites because its simple and sleek.

But somehow, I wish this beautiful prescription glasses can make our government officials see more clearly, on how our country is suffering because of thier selfish interest. If they are doing a good job and thinking more waht they can do to serve the people, rather than what they can do to steal from people, maybe, just maybe they can make a little difference. They can help people who lose their jobs or unemplyed have some kind of income. They can provide livelihood training to empower them and thus making them able to provide for their family.

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