Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This is little J posing, before we left to go to the hotel. Very smart pose huh?
This was taken on our last Hotel Escapade. We checked-in at Dusit Hotel last Januray 24. We took 2 rooms that are ajoining 1 suite and 1 deluxe. It was a huge room, the suite is very spacious with its own living room area. The T & B was spacious too, and what I love about the suite is that the shampoo and other bath and hygiene esential are branded. Its not the same for the deluxe room though. we tried the gym while waiting for the guys and little J had fun so as we. We usually don't use gyms in hotels, but there is relly not much to do so we did.Little J had so much fun.

We had our dinner at our fave restaurant right in front of the Hotal Wok Inn. We used to go there all the time, but this is little J's first tiem to try it. The next morning we had the best breakfast buffet ever, and I can say that from all the hotel's we have been into Dusit has the ebst buffet, either breakfast or dinner, and I have been through a lot, and mean a lot of hotels. We have tried about 80% of Metro Manila's Hotel 3 star and up. Sorry I was busy eating that I did't take a lot of photos.Then little J went to enjoy the pool, she met new friends and "learned" to swim "cockroach" style haha.

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