Monday, February 2, 2009

New Laptop

I've been thinking if I shoul buy a new laptop, since my mom is going to the US and I can ask her to buy one for me. My cousin bought one just last month and got an HP top of the line laptop, that model usually csot around 90k here and he was able to buy it in the US for just equivalent to 25k. I really don't need a new one right now, but I can just sell my current laptop at half the price, I bougth it for 60k and Im willing to sell it at 30k only. I wanted to buy a Buy MacBook Pro at Gadget Circle, their site layout is very user friendly. Gadgets are categorized accourding to brand which makes it easier to navigate. All products include a picture and a brief description of their features. I'm thinking I coul select a laptop here and have my mom pick it up when she is in the US already, less cost for the shipping right?

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