Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first Successful Withrawal

Do you remeber the paypal withrawal I made last Tuesday? I withraw for $10, minimum paypal withrawal and by today I got it already. I used my Union Bank eon card to verify the paypal account and I also used that account to transfer the funds. I lost a little for the dollar to peso conversion but I am still so happy. Now I can actaully see by blogging monay. I can withraw it and have funds in my account as actual money and not just virtual paypal money. My plan is withraw it every 15 and 30th of the month and transfer the money to my other savings account. This will be additional savings for me. I think it is better this way than to spend all my blogging moolah on online shopping.

Now, my only problem is how can I get back the $35 that I transfered to my other paypal account. Mitch, suggested for me to use VCC or Virtual Credit Card but Pitsay is still not replying on my inquiries. I can ask for my cousins bank account, but I doubt if he will give it to me. We are not really close, in fact we have seen each other for I think 3 times our whole life. I hope there are US based bloggers who will be nice enough to let me use thier US credit card account to verify my paypal. I promise I will not charge anything on it. I will even give you my own paypal account username and password so that you can verify the card yourself, I don't need to know any bank details. I just want to purchase the art supplies for little J.
As I've said in my other post, the new paypal that I registered is US paypal, I only made a new US paypal account so that I pay for the art supplies. I already transfered $35 in it. The amount needed for the purchase, but I can't use this paypal account because I dont have a US credit card to verify it. I can't send to any other paypal too, so I can't send it back to my other paypal account. In short, the $35 is stuck in the new paypal account unless a good samaritan blogger from US will help me out. PLease!!! Please!!!


-V said...

hi got mine too :) hehehe in less than 5 days pa.

buti naman. happy bloggers na tau hehehe

Renz said...

Hey I have the same problem :)
I made my first paypal account 2006 and i used US as my country..ayun so I can't verify it and I have like $50 on it pero I can't verify it. too bad.

maxi said...

i am now living in sweden. however, yung address ko sa paypal account ko is still philippines kasi i was still in pinas when i registered.

now that i saved funds on my paypal account, i can easily transfer it directly to my bank account sa pinas. there's no fee kapag more than 7000 pesos and transfer kaya, okey na okey.

sad that you're funds are frozen. hope soeone can help you out one day

Basti said...

you can transfer from your other paypal to your current paypal without any cost for at most i think 100bucks, if you have not made any transfers before, even if it's unverified.

Just transfer your 35 to the verified account and that's it.