Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dealing with Clients

Since I am getting to Professional Practice again, I am reviewing UAP Documents. So that I'll know how much to charge my clients. I am excited to go back to being an Architect. I mean I am an architect and still work in a company as one, but it feels different if I am the one talking to clients, making schemes, making presentations. I even miss the grueling schedule of going from one supplier to the next, looking at materials, bargain with the supplier. Heck, I even miss the smell of a construction site. I love all the phase of construction. Design, presentation, purchasing, site supervision. What I don't like about it is the client part. I know, that is where it all starts but I really need to deal well with clients so that I will not need to have lawsuit funding in case we get in arguments. I know it will not come to that, but there are also clients that take advantage of us. They will ask us to do all this designs with lots of revisions only to say in the end that they will not push through with the construction because they dont have enough budget for it.

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