Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Orders shipped!!!!

First 3 orders of Children's books are shipped!!! 2 packages for Jes and Mary Anne are shipped yesterday, one more shipment for Melissa will be shipped today. I included beautiful coloring books and storybooks as an additional gift for my first 3 clients. Thank you so much for purchasing beautifulm educational and quality books from sweetytots-booksale. I updated the list of books, so to all mommy bloggers out there order now! I still have an on-going promo of FREE coloring books and storybooks.

Best sellers are the pop-up books, which only cost Php 59.75 each.

Remember: We still have a promo that if you buy Php300 worth you will recieve a free coloring book or story book. Buy Php 500 worth and you will recieve a free crayon keeper or another book. So if you buy 5 pop-up books, you will be recieving 6 books. Order 8 pop-up books and recieve 10.

Hurry while supply last.


Jes said...

yey got it!!! =) yipee!!!! more sales!!!!

Mary Ann Moreno-binuya said...

hi, got my orders already. Thank you for the bonus book you had given. My daughter really loves it!

Sherry said...

good to know you are selling :)

there is a contest

you can join to win. hope you say referral by sherry.

Happy Valentine's DAY!