Sunday, February 15, 2009

Video Games

Little J is going gaga again over video games. She loves playing with my laptop, it doesn't really matter what kind of game. She loves all the gmes. She with the basic like, choose the colors, memory games, puzzles, then she move on with the harder ones like hangman and addition.She loves the hangman game because of the fun sound it makes when you complete the puzzle. She dance with it. She just guess the letters, I am not particular if she got it right, she just pick whatever letter she likes, most of the time she hears the game over tune, but sometimes she gets lucky and figure it out.

I realize I can't completely turn her away from video games, she loves it and it part of being a kid. I love it myself that's why I still play it sometimes. In fact I am so excited already for the new game Sims 3. I loved it from the first time I tried it, so I cannot expect little J to not like it too. So instead of telling her that it is bad for her, clearly I am not setting a good example. I told her that we will just set rules. She can only play video games such as hangman games on Sundays. She can play all afternoon if she wants, but she also has to study first. For every hour of study time on Saturdays, she gets to play 2 hours of video games. If she got a perfect score for our "exam" she gets another 2 hours of game play. Fair enough huh?

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