Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New in Multiply and Facebook

I am not so fond of joining social networks, I do have an account in Friendster which I started years ago when I am still young and cheezzzzyyyy, but I later on got hooked with blogging, and for me the most convenient and user-friendly format is here in blogger, but since my friends are in Facebook I felt obligeed to join in, I registered an account but I am not active in it as well and since I started selling online too, the most convenient format of online stores is in Multiply but here is the problem I don't know anything about facebook and multiply. Can somebody help me?


aimzeedoodles said...

guide kita classmate pm mo lang ako pag may question ka! =)

Chris said...

hey there... just send me a YM message if you need anything :) hope i can help you!

bokjae said...

Hello sweet and pretty! learning is easy!!! just sign-in to FaceBook and play around!!! For a start how about becoming frens on FB? Mine is

See ya!!!!

Jes said...

eheheheh facebook, friendster, multiply, blogspot, wordpress, tripod etc!!!! dami kasi
ahahahahha blogsot nlng ako ahahahh! okay n ko dito!! ahahahha multiply d ako gaanu marnong, sa friendster kay n ko aahhah! hirap kaya madami sa blogspot nga dumudugo n utak ko sa iba pa kaya ahahha! =) goodluck! dami nmn pla wiling to help!

Sherry said...

hi architect

there is Makoy contest like invite to join and pls mention Sherry as referral help me earn 5 pts

you will earn 3 pts if you tell makoy you join under Sherry. :)

Sherry said...

yeah I have multiply and face book also new in them.. so seldom login