Monday, February 23, 2009

Chatting and Supple

While chatting at LDS chat I learned of new game called supple, it is like Sims but the characters talk English and it is more interesting because you have to beat the other employee. It is about office politics, you have be good at your work but you also has to suck up to your boss to earn the promotion. Then you also have to flirt with the guy employee to earn confidence.

The objective of the game is get a promotion by the end of the week. Your character's name is Arin Costello and she will go agianst her guy coworker for the promotion. You will have to work and research, every time you do you'll get a certain points until you reach 100%, this also earns you money to buy clothes. At first I thought the good strategy is to finish all the work first and get all the stars, later I learned that even if you don't get the star if you flirt with the coworker he will give you information regarding your work and this may also earn you the star.

I would say that this game is all about company politics its more of a social game that do happen in real life. I hope not all of us has to suck up to our boss or flirt with your competition to earn a promotion, but some really do that to reach a better status in their career.

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