Sunday, February 15, 2009

Top 3

Thanks Chris for this Meme, sorry If I was not able to post the others.
My Top 3 Meme

Three Names that Friends Call You:
Three Most Important Dates in your Life:
-June 7
-August 1
-August 8
Three Things You've Done in the Last 30 Minutes:
-post blogs,
-eat lunch
-dropped ec
Three Ways to be Happy Even your at Home:
-play with little J
Three Gifts You Would Like to Receive:
-new Nintendo Wi
-peace of mind
-happy family

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies:
-playing sims
Three Places You Want to go for a Vacation:
-Las Vegas
Three Favorite Drinks:
-Mocha Frap
-Ice tea
-Mango juice
Three Things Found in Your Bag:
-coin purse
- cell phone

Three Favorite Colors:
-teal green
Top Three Hangouts:
-Kids Ahoy
-Play ground
Top Three You Love so Much:
-little J
-little J
-little J
Top Three You Think Will Answer this Survey:
-Mary Anne
Top Three Things Special To You:
-PRC license (becasuse I really worked hard for it)
Top Three Reasons Why You Answered This Survey:
-looks fun
-I've been passing out on too many other meme
-it easy to answer


Jes said...

ako ba yung JES dito??? hmmm kahit d mo p pinapasa skin gagawin ko na ahahhah!!!! mukhang d k p tpos eh..ala png link =) well im always reading your posts nmn evertime me dumarating n notification eh....pag wala nga minsan nagtataka ko kaya pumupunta ko sa site mo hehhe =) tpos saka sya darating, late minsan! =)

Sherry said...

hi sweetytots Jes told me you plan another contest soon :)

Chris said...

yehey :) thanks for replying to this tag!

Jes said...

hi yah!!! eto na po pics =)

Enchie said...

he!he!he! love ko din mag SIMS nakaka-addict. and enjoy sa pag build ng dream house ;D