Saturday, February 21, 2009

Senior Citizens

I have a very busy day today. I just came home, I bought a lot of books for shop. I found a lot of wonderful new books and titles. I particularly like the finger puppet set. It is a 4 piece set, 3 finger puppets and a hardbound book that tells the story of the characters. There are two titles the Goldilocks and 3 bears and my favorite "who let the pups out". I can still hear the song that goes well with it.

I met up with my friend Ping to talk about the bookfair that I was about to join. The bookfair is going to be held on February 28, saturday, in Kids Ahoy. They will have an event there next Saturday that is why lots of people will come, from kids to oldies. I wonder if some of the oldies knew something about
Senior Chat Room, I saw the site a few days ago while surfing the net. I am so excited already for the book fair. I hope the kids and the kids at heart will love my selection of books.

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