Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disscount School Supply

First and foremost, this is not a paid post. I'm sharing this to all of you because I am just so happy to find this site Discount School Supply I spent all morning shopping online. They have the most wonderful stuff for your toddlers, Art's & Craft, paints, clays, art kits at increadibly low prices. I bought all this for little J, all of this stuff cost me just Php 1,200 or about $30.

2 sets of 8 color Colorations Watercolor set at $0.49

set of 12 crazy cut scissors at $3.29 or about Php12 only for each

64pc Crayola pack at $4.29 this was a dream for me when I was a child, now I am giving little J this wonderful set. Remember the pack? with all those colors and uniques names? The pack even has its own sharpener at the back.

I also bought a lot of assorted art supplies, I opt to but the foam because its light weight. I wanted to buy paints too but its too bulky and heavy, my mom will really be mad at me if I do that, she will not have much of extra space or weigh for her things.

All in all, its 1364pcs of art supplies. Little J and I will have lots of fun doing projects. I can't wait to get all these and to think, this only cost about Php1200.


Jes said...

wow!!! thats a lot!!! =)buti pa si JEA ehhehehe =)

OMM said...

great finds! i cant help notice want your little J to be as artistic as her mom, do you? hehe maybe she'd grow up to be an architect someday. like mom like daughter.. that'd be cool!

sweetytots said...

Jes and OMM,

thanks. yup its a lot but still very reasonable right?

yes, i do provide art supplies to little J, but not necesarily to push her into being an architect. I do expose her to a lot of things, not just arts and craft. She also goes to kids ahoy for Music & rythm class, to enrich her in performing arts, i also read her books everynight to enhance her phonics and reading. I also exposed her to sports like bowling. I think, what I am trying to do is expose her to evrything, make her try all things and later on discover by herslf what she loves to do. And btw, she also likes photography and cooking and we support her in everything she'd like to explore and learn.

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