Thursday, October 9, 2008


Reasons why I should try to keep fit.

1. Need to fit in my old clothes.
2. Need to fit in new clothes, so that I can enjoy shopping again. When I was a student I always wanted to shop for nice clothes but I cant afford to since I don’t have money, when I started working a getting my own money I still cant afford to shop for clothes because it wont fit me. Now that my salary is much higher than before I still cant afford to shop for clothes because I have a daughter to support and the clothes still wont fit on me.

3. I'm not socializing anymore because I don’t want my old friend to see how I look now. You see back in high school and college, I'm really pretty and sexy, I was ramp modeling and all, joined and won some pageant. So everybody’s memory of was the tall pretty and sexy lady. Not anymore with 50lbs weight gained, I'm still tall, pretty, sexy? I don’t think so. Because of that I even feel that I'm not pretty anymore.
4. I want to feel more healthy, Id like to run around with my daughter without getting tired.
5. I want to enjoy life more.
6. I’d like to swim with my daughter. Our family always goes to hotels and resorts, unfortunately I stopped going swimming simply because I don’t want to see my self in those swim suits. I use to look really good in it, but not anymore. One time, its was Jea’s 3d birthday and we went to Club Malarayat, she asked me if I could go swimming with her. Again I said no, she asked me why. I said, I cant because I don’t like to wear swimsuit. She asked my why not. I answered, because I’m too fat already, I don't look good in swim suits anymore. The last time I went swimming with her was her 1st birthday, which was a pool side party. But just last week July 25. I was able to go swimming with her, We went to Punta de Fabian in Barras Rizal, and she was so happy. We played in the water, I even brought her to the Jacuzzi and she liked the bubbles so much. I was able to swim wit her, not because I lost some weight but because, we are the only ones in the resort. As I put that swim suit, I didn’t want to look in the mirror, but I told myself, I owe it to my daughter, I owe it to her that I give her more importance than just thinking of what other will think when they see me. Sure, they might secretly whisper insulting words on how I look, but it will never go at par on how good I feel when I her my daughter scream for joy, or her laughter when I took her swimming. She was just so happy.
7. I’d like to look good, so that in case I’ll bump in to my exes, I can have my head high and let them drool in my beauty. Ha!
8. Because I don’t want to pity my self anymore.
9. Because I would like to look at the mirror everyday and be proud of what I see.
10. Because Id like to look good in pictures. I don’t want to see myself looking awful in memories that we will keep forever. I looked awful in my brothers civil wedding, I cant even look at myself, I don’t want to look awful in his church wedding in the December.
11. Lastly, because, I'm beautiful and will be such a waste if I let myself look ugly only because of my weight. But I still believe that I’d rather be chubby and pretty that be sexy but ugly. The weight can just go off in perseverance and discipline to exercise and eat right. But for ugliness the only thing they can do is surgery.

So I'm still proud to be chubby, at least no matter how weight I add on to myself, I'm not gonna get ugly.

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Julia Smith said...

Don't worry so much about that weight. It's something that can't get fixed overnight, of course, and for that reason many people get discouraged before they can begin to get results, but you know you can alter a weight gain. It just takes persistance and the willingness to choose different things when you feel like eating something you shouldn't.