Thursday, October 23, 2008

An email from the kid blogger

I received an email yesterday from Kidblogger and it goes like this:


If you're into blogging and uses WordPress, then
listen up.

You probably know me as the Kidblogger who
captured top spot on Google for keywords which
some people have been trying to rank for such a
long time.

Not to brag but... I'm number 1, sometimes number 2
or number 3 for the keyword phrase "make money online"

Not only that, (not to brag again ;-) my blog manages to
earn a handsome four figure monthly income because of
my top Google ranking and optimized ad placements.

Question is: How do I do it?

Answer No.1: The first factor is a well-optimized WordPress
blog theme.

In fact, due to persistent requests of many of my readers,
I'm now sharing my blog theme at...

Aside from the blog theme, I'll throw in some of my
secrets in on-page SEO and ad placements optimization.

You KNOW what to do with the link below...

Talk to you soon,

Carl "Kidblogger" Ocab

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