Thursday, October 16, 2008

Court Records

Last year I was having porblem getting little J's birth certificate. I was getting all the legal documents for my passposrt renewal. I decided to get little J too, since and to apply for her a passport too. We are not going anywhere yet, but its better to have one in case we win a trip to Disneyland right? So back to my story. NSO didnt have her birth certificate, accourding to the clerk it is not files yet and I have to go back to the Hospital where I gave birth. Too much hassle but I went to the hospital to try getting it. Then we I reached the hospital, they asked me to go to the Local Governmnet office, and there they showed me a copy of the filing of her birth certicate. It is in a document as a Court Records.Its a proof that they already processed the registration. Then I had to go NSO main and wait in line for days. To cut the story short with all the trouble I still wasnt able to get it. Since it still has to be processed again.

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