Thursday, October 9, 2008

It is trully Christmas!

Have yo ever seen a screen like this? I was able to garb 3 opps already this morning. All I needed for the day since there is quota of 3 per day. But look, after I garbbed the 3, and refreshed it again there is still 4 opps to be grabbed. Too bad I reached my limit already. See the picture here.

I just hope they are still white after one and half hour, just in time for me to be elligeble to grab opps again!


A few seconds after 3 more opps appeared can you believe that 7 opps all in white. I was able to grab 3 at the strike to 12nn. It all lies in the strategy, good thing I planned on how to do it, because right after 12nn, I mean seconds after 12nn the whites turned to gray. All of it.

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