Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wish I can give more

What is it really that a child need? As a mother I'd like to give everything to you. Basics like good food, nice clothes and a home filled with love. Then good school, and most importantly time. With the basic needs although I'm really struglling being a single mom, I believe I am succesful in doing that? I'm not too sure about the happy home, but what can I do? That's the only family I can give her. As disfunctional as it seems, it is still our family. We may not be that harmonious, but one thing I'm sure of, we all have sincere love for Jea. In fact, I think she is so lucky, she is the only one that receives all the love.

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Kim said...

Although I am not a single parent, but I think as mothers we all worry that our children do not receive enough of our time. I work nights as a nurse so I am bless I only work three nights a week but I miss reading to her at night, and playing with her during the day. I have to remind myself to put down what I am doing some times and sit down and play, to do just whatever she wants to do.