Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to stop the crying?

I know little J is sweet, pretty, but this past few days she's most of the time naughty. My parents see it as just "lambing" (sweetness) to me. She always whine and cry and make "papansin" (seeking for attention). She is extra demanding about everything. She will cry when I go to the office, she will cry if I'm late on my usual "I'm home" time. She will cry if I don't buy her candies, she will cry if I don't carry her. For G O D's sake, she is 20 kilos already, maybe a little more. Imagine that I have to carry her all through the mall, with my heals on. I'm already heavy myself, if I add our weight, we already weigh as much as 3 almost 4 sacks of rice.

I have to spend "5 minutes" on bed as soon as she wakes up. I have to be the one to hand her her milk bottle, even if yaya is handling it over and I'm 5 steps away. I have to be the one to accompany her when she needs to pee, and I have to stay by her side as she poo. I have to carry her all the way to the 4th floor, when I'm already dead tired carrying her in the mall.

Because of this I have my excuse of not loosing the weight, because I am a weight lifter in training, if I lose some pound I'll definitely wouldn't perform well with all the carrying. She is really getting on my nerves and I'd like to turn on the Monster mom mode, most of the time, which hurts me more that anything.

I just wish she stop all this "drama" and realize that she can make "lambing" (sweetness) by simple hugging, kissing, or even by not being the "monster kid" like what she has been acting.

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