Friday, October 3, 2008

10 Reasons to be Thankful #3

I'm doing this with a little twist. This will be all about blogging.
1. I was able to get $109 from
2. I was able to earn $25 from .
3. I won 500ec from Dashing Smile.
4. I got 75ec from Seek No More
5. I got 200ec from Momie Space
6. I'm getting 100ec from MommyingontheFly.(got it thank you!)
7. I got a new site and my own domain
8. I met Glitch who helped me get that domain.
9. I found blogging friends, Millete, Vannie, Glitch and Eds.
10.I'm just thankful to learn about the world of blogging. I

earned from blogging

all this in just 10 days of pd blogging. I only started few days ago, and I'm still learning. Really cool huh?


Lisa C. said...

Hey, Thanks for following... I'd love to hand over those 100EC's , but I can;t find you on entrecard... lol.. I'm still pretty novice over ther, but if you drop, i can find you!!!



thanks lisa.. i'll do that, better yet i'll drop you a message.

manilenya said...

Congrats :), I guess I need to do my thankful list din para naman makita ko na life is good lol!

malditang bunso said...

Done with the tag. Thank you!

glitch @ Mobile eBooks Etc said...

Hi. Thanks for the link. I will include your new blog to my blogroll.

A helping hand is also my way of sharing I hope you do the same in the near future to newbies. God bless.



of course i will, if im good enough already LOL, i still have a lot to learn..
thank you again

Kim said...

I am so glad that you are able to earn some compensation for your time I enjoy your blogging. I think because it is so cool to read a blog from the Philippines. I was wondering if you would link to my Commercial site Grilling Accessories.


kim tnx for the comments.. sure.. i'll link..