Friday, October 17, 2008

"MMM" Mom!

I fund this while looking for the next Christmas Wishlist for Little J. I cant help but smile and remember what this toys means to us.
When little J was just learning to talk, this was the her first teacher, other than me of course. She was just 8 or 9 months old, when Nong nong gave this to her. She Its simple, you will just push a button and the button will say the letter and how it sounds and a word that starts with it. She was just listening ang giggling everytime she plays. Then one morning I heard her say, "Mom". The first time, then I asked her to repeat it, she pushed the button first. The letter "M" then the toy said "Mmmmm" for "Mom", then she repeated it she said "Mmmmm", "Mom". It was such a happy day for me. My daughter called me "mom". This reminds me to call our aunt who purchased it from the US to send to little J, if only I can find her number in USA Phone Numbers.

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