Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 Reasons to be Thankful About Today #4

I do have a lot to be thankful today, especially now that I have an open mind to look at things more postively. After just 4 entries (this being the 4th) I believed that Being Thankful have change me a lot on how I see things, how I wake up in the more and how I look into my life.

1. Im thankful that I wake up today not feeling tired, sad or angry.
2. Im thankful that we got a ride going to school and office from Papa. I saved the taxi fare.
3. Im thankful that I relialized my faults and I am now willing to change myself for the better.
4. Im thankful for Owie, for sharing and guiding me to a better place.
5. Im thankful for coffee last night, that Owie bought me along with my new book.
6. Im thankful for my new RSS dolly that is now on top of my page.
7. Im thankful that little J woke up early today, just in time that we dont have to rush preparing for school.
8. Im thankful that little J was still awake last night, we had the time to bake cookies for her baon today.
9. Im thankful for patience, that I am trying to have so much of it starting today.
10. Im thankful that I have lunch for today and tomorrow adn snack yesterday, because of our very kind boss.

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