Monday, October 13, 2008

Introduction Spiel

I've searched for the national costume for little J. Now I have to look for an introduction spiel. It has to be in Argentinian language, just a short sentece decribing Argintina, just like how they do it in beauty pageants.

So, I stretched all the abilities of blogging and looked for Argentinian blogger. I am lucky to find 2, from Emilia's blog roll and they replied back. Here is zime's reply on my question what would be a good introduction for Argentina.

Hi! Here are same photos from the "Ballet folclórico Argentino"

Some presentation could be:
"Hola mi nombre es (your names daughter) y vengo desde las tierras gauchas con mi mate y mi guitarra. Donde se baila el tango, se juega al fúbtol y se comen empanadas."

Hope this help you!!

I wish she also included the translation in english so that I'll understand.
I'm still waiting for another reponse from another blogger.

I'm so grateful about blogging. This ia a lot of help.

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