Saturday, October 18, 2008

New CEO: New Rich

Nouveau University, the University that teaches how to be rich is now headed by a new CEO, Dr. Laura Palmer Noone. She was the president of University of Phoenix, the largest privately owned University. Im sure she will be an instrument for Nouveau University to further enhance the standard of the Nouveau University. With her help, guidance and leadership, the will continue breeding new rich people from their courses in real estate investing, small business management, accounting, finance, and marketing.

In her leadership, the university is bound to rich new heights. Further more, with her knowledge and skills that she got from being the president of University of Phoenix, she will surely use those knowledge to further enhance the universities curriculum. With the following enhancements, more and more people will have interest in enrolling in Nouveau University, which will be a reason to have more graduates that will help the falling economy of the United States to regain its strength.

What the United States need is more people who will build business, more buisness means more job, more job means more people that has purchasing ability. The downfall of the financial sector of the United States can also be because of the election period. That seems to happen evreytime there is a major political issues. With the elections, this affected their economy. With the trend of the United States economic downfall, this also affected the rest of the world, including the Philippines. I sure hope they will be able to climb up again after the elections. Filipinos all over the world are praying for this too.

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