Thursday, October 9, 2008

10 Reasons to be Thankful #5

Im trying my best to be a better person, to not always be angry but for the past two days, I wasnt able to do that but still there should be a lot more to be grateful thatn be angry.

1. I m thankful because I was able to grab 6 opps today. Would you believe that? 6 opps, double the daily quota. I was able to grab 3 at 10am, then another 3 as the clock strikes 12nn.
2. I had baon for lunch and I was bale to stick to my diet for today.
3. Little J woke up early and we had a nice morning together.
4. Although it was raining hard, I got in the office early and didnt encounter the expected traffic jam.
5. I am happy because I learned new things yesterday from the Archi cad seminar.
6. I am happy because I was able to write 4 articles last night to keep here as draft so that I have better things to post and not the out of the blue blah-blah-blah.
7. I am sticking to my spriutal goal of reading every chapter per night. Owie will be proud of me.
8. I am thankful that there are some things that I realized about life, that will eventually make me a better person.
9. I am thankful because papa will not be holding a party in our place tomorrow, instead we will hold it at Tita Nelly's house. We dont need to have a general cleaning.
10. I am thakful that Papa is celebrating his birthday tomorrow. This year he have a lot to celebrate, new job, new car and peace of mind.

"Happy Birthday Papa!"


Eds said...

hey sis! medyo serious ako dun sa post ko about blackheads.. dahil meron tlga me.. pero wla ako pimples un lang .. kya if may know ka how to eliminates those "black thingy" I would appreciate your suggestions . :)

zime said...

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Hope this help you!!