Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Im Moving Out

I'm moving out by January next year, right now, I'm looking for a nice place to stay. I would like to stay in Mandaluyong Area, specifically GA Tower because that's where my daughter is studying. With my calculations I think I can have the second floor rented out for my office mates. Right now, they are also renting bedspaces around Makati at 2000 per month, that's exactly how much I will rent out the place, then I'll shoulder the rest of the monthly expense. I can do my thing like blogging if I'm on my own, I can even check out Michigan Cougars site and find new friends there.

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Jade said...

I am also thinking of looking for a place in Makati if our plans in moving to PH go through....hay sana matuloy;) I miss Pinas!

Jade said...

Hi cge I'll pm you pag sure na. Nasa Makati ka na b nakatira ngayon?

Goodluck with your house hunting!