Friday, October 17, 2008

Kids Say the Darnest Things#2

We are at home after day in the office, little J invited her cousing LJ to go up and play. They played in the living room while I prepare dinner. I noticed that little J was turning around, just spinning like a top. Whe was turning around and around. Then she will stop. She try so hard to kep her balance, of course she will get dizzy after spinning like that.

So the two of them, kep on doing that, spinning then stopping trying to keep their balance. I just watched them, they will smile when they stopped. I was curious of what was going in their heads then I heard little J say this.

Little J: Galing! Gumagalaw yung bahay! Umiikot! Wow! the house is moving, it's turning around in circles.
Galing! Umiikot pa rin, Pero hindi nasisira!
Wow! it keeps on turning, but it doesnt brake!


owie said...

how cute!!

Lastnight Little Kristo said he wanted to be a bee... in fact, he said he WAS a bee! i said, huh? how can u be a bee, eh you talk! are there bees that talk. He said there are -- sa bee movie!


oo nga naman Owie! Meron bee na nag to-talk, pati nga fish eh, sa Nemo diba.