Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Building blocks

I decided to buy building blocks for little J, she is almost 3.5 yrs old and I am thinking maybe she is to old for building blocks. I was not able to buy her decent building blocks when she was little and I believe that it was very wrong of me to buy her electronic toys than building blocks. Blocks looks a little primitive but it give better development for kids especially at a very young age. So it is better late than never. I purchased a 30pc set for little J from Come and Play. I cant wait to pick it up on saturday. I will be posting a product review of the building blocks on my other blog sweetytots next week. Please visit to see how my little J enjoyed it.

"Blocks are an important part of the early learning environment, because when used by children, blocks help them to learn problem-solving skills and symbolic thinking," Gioe says, continuing, "Blocks also encourage social interactions; foster math concepts such as patterns, geometric shapes, part-whole relationships, fractions, adding, and dividing; enhance large and fine motor skills; and motivate creative thinking and planning."
from LSUAG Center

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