Thursday, October 16, 2008

Holiday Gift Suggestion

I already started a wish list for little J in my previous post, but what about me? So for all those who loves me and cannot think of something to give me this holiday season, I'll give you an idea of what are the things that I'd like to receive.

Since I don't like make up or cosmetics and it will be really hard to find a dress that will fit me. Don't worry I'm having a hard time myself looking around the shopping malls here. I maybe shopping online instead of squeezing myself in the over crowded shopping mall. Traffic jam is also a big problem during the holiday season, everybody is out looking for gifts for their love ones.

To spare my love ones from the hassle of the traffic jam, crowded shopping malls, rude sales ladies and more mean shoppers. I would like to suggest to just buy me this perfume, I am not the all made up full of make up type, but I surely would love to smell nice. What I love about this site is that you have a lot of choices. From apparels, to jewelries and of course perfumes and colognes. So, for those who are still thinking of what they will give me for this Christmas season just follow the link and purchase. That's all click, click and click.

Shopwiki is a notch better than other online shops. Here they show everything not just the store that pay for the advertisement. All options are shown. The website is also very friendly user, there are links that can easily be seen. All items are categorized for more easier navigation.

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