Thursday, October 9, 2008

5 Minutes

"5 minutes" is a bargain that little J throws on me everytime she want somethingmore. It started as "5 minutes" more on bed with her in the morning. Most of the time I wake up ahead of her, th first thing she will do as soon as she wakes up is look for me. Then I'll just say my good morning to her. Here comes the 5 minutes, whe will then ask me to go back and lay with her in bed for another 5 minutes, its not actual 5 mintues, most of the time the 5 minutes turns to 10, 15, sometimes 20 minutes. She just wants to hug me as soon as she wakes up.

Then the "5 minutes" evolve into a bargaining power. She would always say, "5 mins" if she wants me to stay a little longer, before I go to work. "5 mins." may mean, more delay before bath time, or before study. "5 mins" may mean 15-20 more minutes in school when I fetch her. Or a little more time in the morning with her before I leave her in school. It can also mean "5minutes" of carrying her in the mall which eventually turns to 20-1 hour. She is very smart, and at this young age she already knows how to bargain, compromise, or trick me into giving in to whatever she wants.

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