Sunday, October 19, 2008

Web Hosting

I have been blogging for more than a year now, at first I just wanted to write the milestones of my daughters developments, just an online journal to keep my memories. Blogging is also another way for me to express my feelings, to let out whatever sadness or happiness I am feeling. It has been my refuge for the past year. Then, I started learning the other means of blogging, I thought its just an online journal, but there is more to it. I learned about web hosting, and other stuff like page ranks, real ranks, alexa, etc. Mostly I have to read a lot of web hosting reviews to choose which one suits me, my budget, my purpose. There are a lot of web hosting articles that gave me different views on blogging things. I am surely a newbie in this industry. I have a lot to learn, I'm just thankful that a lot of other bloggers are willing to help me out. To enlighten me on the world of blogging.

So far, I managed to put up 3 blogs, sweet..pretty..naughty
Memory Filled
Sweety tots. This blog is my first and this is the most personal blog. Most of the stories here are from the experiences of me and my daughter, our adventure, our struggle. At first, i was hesitant to put my the really personal stuff here, but what the heck, they may read my secrets and all it doesn't matter anymore. All of the post written here are true. I don't have to lie to myself, and I don't have to lie to the people who reads it. This is as transparent as I can get. I realized that more people likes to read blogs that are true personal experiences, rather than just 500 words of senseless talk. Readers may not like what I write, but it doesn't matter. This is my life, that;s just how it is. No more no less.

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