Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Nasty Coward Comment

I received a nasty comment from "somebody" in my other blog it is about my commenting on Eds my precious niche contest.

So I will post it here for everyone to see, specially you nasty lady, Edit:4:30PM Read on for Eds reply. Thank You so much Eds for replying.

Here is her comment:
ikaw pala ung architect na senseless commenter sa mypreciousniche blog contest. alam mo nakakairitang makita ung mga comment mo. naisip mo ba kung mananalo ka kung deserving ka sa prize. kasi alam mo, sa mga ganyang contest dapat related sa post ung mga comments mo. nde ung para kang spammer, may kasama pang number un mga comment mo. nde mo ba naisip na baka lang nde na naapreciate nung host ng contest ung ginagawa mo? lumilitaw tuloy na hangad mo ung pera nde taos puso ung comment mo.

mag ingat ka baka isang araw lahat ng mga nasa blogroll mo maasar na sa iyo at deadmahin ka na lang.

Not very nice, and very pissed comment.. LOL..

I am glad to hear your


rantings. First of all if you really think that my comments are senseless why did you even bother reading them and even made an effort to leave this nasty comment in my blog. I'm sure you had fun reading my comments, and they are not at all senseless because it affected you this much. Thank you so much, for affirming that my comments did make sense, made you visit my blogs isn't it. So that means you find my comments intresting too. haha.. LOL.

If I deserve the prize of course I do, I made a lot of effort, right? You mentioned it yourself, even adding numbers after my comments. I believe the reason why eds, launched a contest such as this one to be able to get as much comments as she can. She even mentioned that she doesnt care whatever comment it is, it just has to be a sentence. The comments will help her improve her ranks right, and that's what she is after. So if I deserve it? Oh


My comments are related to the post too. In fact I gave my own suggestions and my own life stories in every comment. You can also notice that I comment most on her Eds Mommy Life, rather than the other 2 blogs because that is where I can find topics that I can relate to.

Taos Puso

of course, my comments are true, genuine and comes from the heart. You have read my comments, Im sure you know a lot about me by just reading my comments there. So, that means that I was being true and whole heartedly wrote the comments there.

If Eds, doesn't appreciate my comments, I think she is the only one who can say that and not you. She doesn't mind me putting the numbers there too, coz if she does Im sure she will mention it here.

About me wanting to win? of course, I wouldnt be a hypocrite saying I dont like to win, I did mention in my comments that I do want to win. What's wrong with that? That's the purpose of joining a contest right?

About the people in my blogroll? If they really feel that way then so be it. I dont think that is going to happen because I dont write bitchy, nasty comments on their blog like you did. And even if I had something not so nice to say, I will not hide myself and be a


just like you. I will be



taos puso

kong aaminin ang mga sentimyento ko. Not like you.

So to the

Nasty, Coward,

that left this message. I bet you are reading my comments in all of eds blogs, haha and reading my post too. If I am really that senseless, why do I interest you?!

Laugh out Loud

So to clear this all up, here is eds reply. I'm glad she did. I know that she knows that I left, geniune comments.


Eds said...

hi sis! just read your post. I really appreciate your comment sis and I don't really mind you counting it ( help pa un sa akin). pero just recently kasi may nakasabayan ka commenters db at medyo nadisaspoint ako sa ginawa nya and parang na challenge ka lang db at nakisabay ka nlang.. pero I think last lang 3 days ata nangyari un... noon malapit ng matapos ung contest..

Hayyy... tlgang ganyan ang bloggy life sis... we cannot please everybody...


thanks eds, I appreciate you telling me.. I know you'll understand. I'm glad to hear it from you.

Sherry said...

architect I hope you feel better now. Its a contest as you see. Eds is right we can't please everybody.

Eds said...

Yes sis, though u can't blame me from being irritated also sa nangyaring spamming... that's why I ended the contest 1 day short long naman...

Anyways, everything will be back to normal after this - don't worry. Thanks a lot for joining :)

MommaWannabe said...

Hi! You should not pay attention to this nasty commenter girl. Inggit lang siya at pangit siguro niya, pangit kasi ugali e. LOL!

Have a great Weekend!

Sherry said...

hey architect there is another contest you might be interested to join let me know. I wait your email.



thnaks for the comment, I agree with you. bka nga panget sha, kse ang dali mainsecure! LOL.

Sherry said...

congrats you are 2nd Winner

Sherry said...

sorry architect for my late reply just saw your comment in my other blog. didn't notice it as I didn't put a moderator.

well just be happy with the way we are.

Sherry said...

hi architect check this post

tell me what you think.

aeirin said...

hay grabe sis.. ang hirap talaga noh.. wala ka namang ginagwa sa kanila.. siguro nga kelangan kong tibayan nlng loob ko. at matutunang balewalain ang mga taong d ko ma-please... haaay

thanks sa comment mo ha... sobra naman tong commenter na to. bka inggit lang sayo dahil top poster ka that time

Sherry said...

are you getting any more coward comment?

Sherry said...

someone leave a bad comment at jade's blog. we should be understanding right, she was away and now only back.

Sherry said...

my comment section is not open for anonymous :)

Sherry said...

my isp down just now

Sherry said...

hows my comment doing? I mean over here :)