Thursday, October 2, 2008

10 Reasons to be thankful #2

I decided to do this everyday. Before anything else, I'd like to be reminded of the wonderful things about me, my life, my family. With all the stress and traumatic experience that Ive gone through, I've changed. And I dont like who I have become. Hopefully, by doing this I will stop being angry all the time.

1. Im thankful that little J is extra sweet to me this morning.
2. Im thankful that it's friday! Weekend rest again.
3. Im thankful that I almost finished 300 drops yesterday.
4. Im thankful that I was able to pay all the bills already.
5. Im thankful because I got to buy something for myself yesterday.
6. Im thankful becuase I'm still not late, eventhough I left the house 30 minutes later than I should have.
7. Im thankful that we are going to have a party tonight at my boss place,Im looking forward to good food.
8. Im thankful that my shoes didn't brake down after that long exhilirating walk in the mall while carrying my 20k baby.
9. Im thankful that I got 1 opp from sponsored review yesterday, hope I get another one because I miss all the opp in ppp.
10. Im thankful because little J is a very understanding baby.

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Ozzy's Mom said...

hi joane - testing kung mka comment ako ^_^ also done na the TAG thanks ha