Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10 Reasons to be Thankful About Today

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, happens almost everyday. Translation, I'm gloomy, unhappy and bitchy today. So i decided to write 10 Reasons to be thankful about Today, so I will remember what are the things I should happy about, and stop ranting.

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1. Im happy that little J's fever is gone.
2. Im happy that I brought my lunch to office saved me an arm on my spending.
3. Im happy because we woke up a little early so I had that "5 minutes" with little J before leaving bed.
4. Im happy because I only have 2 more months to go and I can declare to the world that I'm debt free.
5. Im happy because I got 200ec from Millete. Thank you!
6. Im happy because it's almost weekend, and can have time to rest agian.
7. Im happy because I just got my salary last tuesday, I will not worry too much of not having enough money, let wait till 10 days from now if I feel the same way.
8. Im happy about the dampa dinner last Tuesday to celebrate nang-nang's birthday and that she ordered too much that we got take home food to eat until yesterday.
9. Im happy because it was easy to get a cad this morning, no hussle of running after the taxi.
10. Im happy to be working here, the work is too easy that I can manage to blog in between work.

These are teh things that I'm happy about. So to all the mommies in the blogosphere, what are you happy about today? I'm smiling a little now, hope I lose the bitchy mood before the day ends. I'm spreading this happy thought to all you guys.

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~ Mhay ~ said...

Thanks for the tag sis. I was reminded that I also had my thankful Thursday entry kaso di ko nagagawa lately :) will do this soon and will post on my other blog ha.

~ Mhay ~ said...

sis, I'm done with the tag...

Btw, here's the link of Thankful Thursday meme if you want to join :)

Mommie Van said...

thanks for this, great idea ^_^
pareho pla tayo re #10! hihihi

Yen said...

Thanks for the tag will do this hopefully soon:)

Dez said...

Done it here:

Thanks a lot! ;)

soreal said...

hiya! I joined this tag please add me to the masterlist..

eph2810 said...

You are right - sometimes we just have to choose to have a good day :)

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.

Blessings to you and yours...

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi. posted mine here.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Done and published Tnx!