Saturday, January 17, 2009

Halloween too Early

I just woke up from a bad dream, in my dream there are monsters all around me. There was one guy in gorilla suit chasing me through the woods. I just kept running and running. I can even see where I am going. The other monsters soon disappeared but this gorilla is still chasing me. We went through waterfalls, some river and it seems like an endless jungle. I just kept on running, but I can't seem to lose the gorilla. Every where I go, he is there behind me. No matter what I do, he still keeps coming after me. I wonder what this dream means to me. If I analyze it further I would translate it that the monsters are the past mistakes I've commited, I got over the other ones already that's why soon after I was running the monsters slowly disappear, but what about the gorilla? Is it something in my past that I really can't get over? Is it a mistake that I am still guilty of? Hopefully all the monsters in my past will be gone. Hopefully I will really get over those past mistakes.

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