Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tayong Dalawa- Jake Cuenca

I don't usually blogabout teleserye, but the upcoming Tayong Dalawa with Jake Cuenca really caught my eye, specifically because he looks so muc like my ex. I had a boyfriend who looks a lot like him and he was in Philippine Military Academy. We split a long time ago about 8 years ago, right after he left PMA, but seeing Jake Cuenca in uniform who looks soooo much like him sent me back to memory lane. My ex only had a different haircut, much worse than what Jake Cuenca is sporting. Cadets are assigned by groups he was in G-Golf, and they all had the same haircut. I hated the way he looked, the first time I saw him when I first went to Baguio to visit him. He is so ugly, at least not the "jake cuenca" look. He got so dark and that haircut was just awful, he lost a lot of weight too. But that was memorable, I'll forever treasure that memory.

That was October 2000, there was a typhoon, but I didn't I care, I went on to travel 300km by bus. My mom was with me, and going to PMA after 16 years was very exciting. The first time I saw Baguio was when I was just 3 years old. So I called him through phone a few days ago and told him I was coming to see him. That day, I went to look for him in the visitors area, forgot what they called it. The cadet called his room and told him that he has a visitor, but he wasn't there. So went around the PMA first to take some photos. I met another cadet, Baguis, that's his surname, he turned out that he is also a Plebe so he knows JP personally. so we asked him, so Baguis looked for him, he heard that he is in AWSLAI, so we went there. But we didn't find him. We went back to visitors hall and asked the Cadet to phone him again, and who ever answered the phone said he will send the message that we are waiting for him.

About 30mins or more after, he finally arrived in the visitor's area. He said that he was already ready to see me at 5am, as he know I was coming. He prepared the night before, he fixed all his things, fixed his bed, shine the shoes, fixed his uniform and everything that he has to do the night before. In fact he even slept of the floor so that the bed sheets will not be wrinkled the next morning to be ready for inspection. He even hid in AWSLAI so that no higher ranking cadet will see him to make him do some chores. But, since I am so kulet and I kept on calling the phone to let him know that I was there, the higher ranking cadet knew that he has a visitor and therefore "punished" him first, made him iron some clothes and other chores, that's why he was late. When I saw him, he didn't even hugged me or something, so I was mad. It turned out that they should not touch their visitors at all, not even to "bless" / "mano" to their parents.

this is a long story but really, really sweet, I urge you to be back and read the continuation.
to be continued,

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