Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HSBC-Sun Cellular Promo Don't be deceived!!!!!

Ok, I am going to rant and pour all my anger here. I avail of the promo from HSBC card, that if your get a new card you can also get a new phone the only catch is that the phone is bundled with Sun Cellular service with a post paid line of Php350. Not bad, the phone is free and my monthly phone bill will be auto debited from my credit card HSBC. Since I already made a pact that I'm not getting a credit card as long as I live my mom volunteered to get the credit card for herself and just give me the phone to use, I will jst pay my monthly Php 350 to her, good deal. So I had my phone for months, the only problem I had was that the phone doesn't record "sent" messages. No problem, its an itsy bitsy flaw that I can live with. So I've been using it as my main phone,I gave my old smart phone to little J's yaya long ago that she took when she left. But here's my problem, last December I've been receiving messages from sun that I have to settle my account, I didn't bother checking because i know my phones billing is directly paid by HSBC and I just paid HSBC so maybe its just a wrong sent, some mis documentations. THen, last Christmas Dec 24, my service got cut off. So I checked my billing statements with my mom, it is updated. My total usage is 366.70 minus the Total Discounts and Credits of 513.76, so that will zero in my account right? In fact they even owe me 200plus, haha. My Sun Cellular billing also states that I have a credit limit of 1,500 and my due date is Jan 19, 2009. So if for some reason that I miss read their billing and I that stupid, and I owe them something they still should not cut off my service because

1. I still have 1,500 credit limit and I don't get pass that limit.
2. My due date is stil Jan 19. 2009 - that means I should still have my service until that time.

They should not cut off my service because I don't owe them any money, my payment with HSBC is updated and it is on auto debit, that means Sun Cellular is already paid every month even if I didn't use my phone and for the followinf reasons above. Now they are telling me to settle my account to Sun Cellular over the counter?!!!!

Are you kidding me? I already paid for it, through HSBC, if I pay over the counter the payment will be doubled. For the record, the HSBC billing states that my sun cilling is PHP350 and I paid Php400, just to be sure, since I always get my Sun billing late. Again, I will clear I didn't go more than the limit and I don't have to pay extra, so payment for HSBC alone is more than my actual billing, now they are still asking me to settle it over the counter?

I don't have service for more than 3 weeks already, that means naperwisyo nko ng more than 3 weeks, which I am still obliged to pay even if I didn't get to use the phone and they atre asking me to pay for something that I already paid for, more than what I should pay for. Now I have to go personally to a sun shop to "settle" my account, that I already paid for?!!! So where will my money go? Even if I do have a account to settle which I am sure that i don't since I already PAID!!!!! I still have Php42,000 credit limit on the credit card and Php1,500 credit limit on Sun line, that means they really don't have the reason to cut my line!!!!

I know, its really confusing, but to make it simple. The Sun billing is paid by HSBC and I already paid HSBC more than the amount I should pay, I don't have any other outstanding balance than the SUN billing. My sun billing doesn't have an outstanding balance, so there is really nothing to pay for and that "zero" billing is till not due, so why did my service got cut of?????!!!!!!!!!

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SearchingWellness said...

Very typical of sun. No surprise there, sis. No sense fighting the customer service either. I have been experiencing that bad service for the last 3 years. Good thing, sun is not my main line. I use globe pa rin. I've had months without service due to misunderstanding.

Sherry said...

here, usually they will keep calling to ask for payment.

Sherry said...

and late payment will be charge $50

Anonymous said...

damn.. you got that right... the billing statement always comes late.. maybe 1 or 2months late.. so if u want to know ur latest bills u should ask their offices at sm sun shops just to have ur bills updated then wait for about 1-2months before u have the bills.. ahhahha.. stupid sun.!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

and their customer service reps are very incompetent and very stupid!!!
they would tell you different things that you dont know who u would believe!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

And so what's the ending to your story? you should have gone to their office directly instead you waited for 3 weeks? there's nothing perfect in this world. deal with it.

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