Saturday, January 17, 2009

J and J Adventure

I realized that for me to bond more with little J we have to have a time alone for eachother so from now on, I declare Saturday as J & j Adventure day. We have a full day today, first stop Kids Ahoy in Aurora Blvd. Q.C., we went to our first Hula class. We failed to join the first class last week because of a lot of chores needed to be finished. We had fun, even if little J didn't dance. I had fun, although my whole body is sore, it was fun doing the Hula. We left Kids Ahoy at around 1:30pm, honestly I am already so hungry. Little J refuse to go, because she is still having fun playing with Yona. Next stop is Jollibee. I originally intended to go straight to WS Publications to buy the books for Jes but I am afraid little J is already hungry, so we had to stop the cab right before we reach SM Sta. Mesa. Little J had fun going up the over pass to cross the street to where Jollibee is. I ordered a kiddie meal, 1pc chicken meal and a slice of Hawaiin Greenwhich Pizza. After our lunch we head to WS Publications, in there little J's eyes twinkled when she saw all the books. She had so much in her arms already when I got back to her. It was just a blink of an eye and she had about 8 books already in her arms, good thing I was able to talk to her to return the others and she obeyed, requesting me to get the rest of the books for her birthday. Books are really at very low prices, we got a total of 15books at Php750 only. Php 350 of which is for Jes as part of her bonus prize. WE had a weekend full of activities, we didn't had time to see BYD Cars that my brother ask me about.

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Jes said...

weeeeeeee....thats a lot for 750!!! pede mo b ko ipa reg dyan para makakuha dn ako ng price nakagaysa syu? kasi hussle kapag ikaw p papa orderin ko hehehe nde mo nmn ako tinutubuan....kaya if okay sayu help me nlng magpa reg para i can avail kagaya ng sayu pede ba yun? =)

SearchingWellness said...

That's really a steal!!!! I can't get enough of books.