Monday, January 5, 2009

I am Urgently looking for a yaya! I am so angry!

I am urgently looking for a yaya, or at least for somebody who can take care of little J twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. Little J is in school all day every M-W-Th so there is no need for a yaya on those days since Im the one who take care of all here things, brings and fetch her to/from school. My ever "reliable" (imagine with the most sarcastic tone) cousin who watches over her during those days is throwing a tantrum and didn't show up today. All she has to is watch over her, that's all nothing more, since I preapre all her needs before I go to work. I even cook food for them for thewhole day before I leave and that "very reliable" (with most sarcastic tone again) doesn't do anything but wash dishes and text all day. She doesn't even look after little J, since little J stays in the house plays peacefully with her toys. Ok she bathes her too, but that's it!I am ranting, yes I am! I am so angry, beause this people who we helped put to school and literally put food thier table is very ungrateful, they even have the guts to deny our request of looking over little J. I hate them so much, if they are not the most laziest people on earth, I don't know who else. I know she is my cousin, but I am really angry. We have been suporting them financially all this years, my mom even put his brother to school, my mom paid for everything for his college, even his board and lodging. We even bought him nice clothes and treated him as brother, he finished nursing alright, but got a girl pregnant before doing so. I am not self righteous or anything, yes I am a single mom and I got pregnant too before getting married, but I am already a licensed architect at that time, with very good high paying job. Its not an excuse, but I am not dependent at all unlike them! If only a valued myself more than my family, and think of my own happiness and can just run away with the father of my child whom I still love up to now. Their family is what we sometimes call "foundation", because they are so dependent on us and my other titas. The father is a scumbag alcoholic who was never responsible of taking care of his family of 5. My aunt, who is my cousin's mom is a stay at home mom, who has been sick with diabetes for so long and relying from the donations of my aunts for her medicines. The eldest died a few years ago because of sickness, the 2nd guy is a tambay who never finished high school even if my aunts are supporting him to go to school, the 3rd guy is the one my mom helped all through out nursing school, and the 4th one is this girl cousin that I really hate right now. She has nothinging better to do at home but "tambay". She'd rather stand all day at the corner of their street for an endless "chismis" with her "tambay friends" than go to our house and look over little J which I pay her to do by the way. I hate them so much!!!! They are really the laziest people on earth, if they are not my family I could have called them much worse!

I'm sorry, if I'm being too harsh but I am really mad. I swear, if she doesn't come by on friday to watch over little J. I will not be giving any support to their family at all. To think, that I even gave her money to buy her Christmas Clothes, when I didn't buy new clothes for myself, I really hate her!

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Chris said...

oh no! not a very good start for the new year huh...

I think you can also look at it this way. If she is not taking good care of little Jea, its better that someone will take care of Jea instead. I know that all things happen for a reason. Maybe this is it.

sweetytots said...

Thanks Chris,

I sounded so mad no? but I really am, if only I could look for somebody else to take care of little J.