Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mommy Architect

Just chatted with my classmate and close friend Ivy, she is looking for a civil engineer who will be a site supervisor for her project in Filmore, Makati. I volunteered, but she won't believe me. She said I am over qualified for the position and she cannot pay me salary, haha. I said, I'll take the job even without salary. I am an architect by profession but I don't feel like it anymore. It feels like I focused so much into being a mom that I forgot everything else about me. When I took the job "MOM" I left the rest of "me". There was even a time that I am so contented into being a mom that I don't want to practice my profession anymore. I still work within my profession I'm the Senior Project Architect in our company, that is into outsourcing. Well, it feels like I am glorified draftsman, fine by me as long as I am not paid as a draftsman. I should also be in charge of marketing the company but with the status of our economy, there is really no way into finding a client. Even the almight top Archifirms can't find a project. It has been months since we got a project to do, so office hours is so laid back, pretty much nothing to do.

Meeting my college friends who are mostly architects, 2 went for a different industry. I observed that I am more of a mommy now, and I can't find any trace f being an architect, except for the title and the license that says so. It feels like I have lost touch of that part of me. I can't even remember the right percentage of fee that I should be expecting during contract signing. It feels like I have to be back there, right inside the site, looking at architectural plans, selecting materials and just giving directions to laborers. It feels like I need to be in the wargame to remeber everything. I am dead serious in offering Ivy my service even without salary. It feels like I need to relearn everything again.

The only good thing in this realization is that, I finally admitted that I need a life. A life more than just being a mother to little J. I realized that yes, little J is still my top priority but I can only give more love, if I learn to love myself too. Getting in touch with the architect in me is just 1 step. There is still a lot in me that I should rediscover.

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Sherry said...

hi architect, wanna remind you that my contest ends on 31 midnight tomorrow. Please come back to do the required. Or else what you did will not be counted. Its stated in the contest post.

OMM said...

that's one thing all moms should do.. to never forget what we were before we became a mom. tama ba? well that's just me. i think building learning, motivating, continue improving ourselves would also benefit our kids. what we are doing are also for them. so go grab that chance to go back to work. relive the good feeling (but i hope me salary ka nman hehe)

sweetytots said...

Thanks OMM,

I am actually owrking now as an architect in our company but all we do is to be infront of the computer, I'd like to got the site and experience it all. I am used to that kind of working environment.
What my friend is offering me is just a sideline..part time job. I'll work in the office in the morning and work at site at night. If she will allow me, I'd love to work for her.

ocean said...

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