Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mang Mel 92-cent retirement pay

As I have posted here a few days ago about Mang Meliton retirement and his CD, I read a different story today. Accourding to the email, it is the unpaid students loan that made Mang Meliton's retirement pay drop to less than a Peso.

It is not because of the student loans. It is because they / the University / or whoever pays him salary did not gave him his full retirement pay because of some alleged sick leaves. Here is some exerpt from

501 days

Zamora received less than P1 as retirement pay not because many of the student loans he had guaranteed were unpaid, as Rivera thought and wrote in her e-mail, but because of 501 sick leave days.

He insists that he did not avail himself of those sick leaves, but the university’s Human Resources Division Office (HRDO) says he did.

Nonetheless, he is thankful for Rivera’s e-mail because he and his family are hopeful that the publicity it has been generating would prompt the HRDO officials to meet with them.

Zamora had been vainly knocking on the doors of the HRDO for the last two years just for an explanation of why the contested 501 days had not been converted to cash, according to his eldest daughter Kit Zamora.

“No one has met with us, or with my father,” she told the Inquirer. “The HRDO head is at a meeting every time we go to her office. All we want is a clear explanation. If they will be able to show us documents to prove that my father did use all those 501 days of sick leaves, we will accept that his retirement pay for 41 years of service is less than P1.”

Kit Zamora said that in response to a letter her father sent in 2007, UP president Emerlinda Roman said she had directed the HRDO to look into the matter. But nothing came out of it.

Zamora wrote the Civil Service Commission in 2006 for assistance, pointing out that a utility worker like himself would not have received a total of 12 commendations from the state university if he was always on leave. But there was no reply from that agency either.

According to Zamora, he did have some of his sick leaves converted to cash while he was working at UP. But he said he was certain that these were not the contested 501 days.

So, it is not the students fault it all boils down to poor documentation or simple corruption. These government employees, who couldn't care much about an elderly janitor who served 45 years cleaning floors and helping people. How can they be so insensitive? Read the full story here

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omm said...

i saw mang mel in wish ko lang. he said that some of up students made him a co-maker. he's really a bayani if that is true. about the retirement pay, proper documents must have been presented by the UP's HRDO. if failed to do so, the poor man's wealth has been corrupted.

Jes said...

wtf! if this is real grabe nmn hindi na sila naawa sa matanda!!! sa dami ng dudugasan janitor pa!!! hirap n nga ng buhay nya eh ginaganyan pa! hay dapt lang mai bulgar sila at ng mailabas kung cnu man ang me sala!!!

Chris said...

i saw this at wish ko lang too last saturday...

by the way, i have an award for you at :)